School Blog: Art

25th May 2022

Year 2’s are crazy about colour!

Year 2 have flung themselves headfirst into our art project and we have to say we have lots of budding artists on our hands! The…

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24th May 2022

Colour Exploration!

Reception have been exploring colour using spices, plants, fruits and vegetables. They were very excited to see what colours could be made. The spices were…

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23rd May 2022

Year One’s Magic Spell Pots!

In Year One this week, we have explored a range of resources to make observational drawings and discussed why artists might use a range of…

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20th May 2022

Illustrator Inspiration

Year 3 have been working on an art project inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake. He illustrated most of Ronald Dahl’s books, as well as…

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17th May 2022

Year 3’s Amazing Art

Year 3 have jumped into our new topic full of enthusiasm and excitement. We are exploring the concept of ‘freedom’ within Art. We began the…

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27th March 2022

G’day from Year 1

Year 1 have been exploring life in Australia this half term and had great fun learning on our ‘Australia Day’. The children were invited to…

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18th February 2022

Marvellous Maths in Reception!

Reception have been very busy in Maths! We have been thinking about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We had great fun creating arrangements of…

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16th July 2021

Creative Creatures

Year 6 have been thoroughly exploring the KPS grounds to find natural materials to help them create some beautiful lifelike creatures. We we so impressed…

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5th July 2021

Year 6 KPS Lions Roar!

Year 6 have been showing off their artistic and creative abilities recently. They were challenged to produce their own KPS Lion after being shown…

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23rd June 2021

Year 2 Football Frenzy ⚽

This week in Year 2 we have been celebrating the start of Euro Championships with a number of fun football activities!…

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22nd June 2021

The Magnificent Year 1’s with their Flying Machines!

Year 1 came back after their half-term break to a very exciting challenge. They were asked to design their own flying machine and build it…

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10th June 2021

Let’s Plant

Reception have been investigating how plants grow. We planted four beans: one had sun and water, one was in sunlight but had no…

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