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9th May 2022

A grand opening for Kingsleigh’s first Hedgehog House!

In Science we have been learning about the basic needs of animals, in particular the animals we have in the UK.  We have looked closely…

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5th May 2022

SEW much talent in Year 2!

Year 2 have been showing off their talents in textiles by making their very own cuddle monsters! First of all, the children looked at some…

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27th April 2022

Year 4 Distinctive Domes!

Year 4 have been transformed into geodesic dome experts. During DT week, we learnt about what structures are, what they are made from and who…

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26th April 2022

Making Bug Houses

Year 3 have been making bug houses as our Design and Technology project. This follows on from our science learning about animals and their habitats.

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18th February 2022

Marvellous Maths in Reception!

Reception have been very busy in Maths! We have been thinking about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We had great fun creating arrangements of…

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22nd June 2021

The Magnificent Year 1’s with their Flying Machines!

Year 1 came back after their half-term break to a very exciting challenge. They were asked to design their own flying machine and build it…

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8th June 2021

Year 2’s African Portraits

Last half term, we learnt everything there is to know about Africa. In our Art lessons, we started our topic by learning about colour theory.

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27th May 2021

Design and Technology (Hamlets)

  Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been very busy planning and designing their very own Land of Neverbelieve Hamlets! The children…

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26th April 2021

Year Two’s Incredible Inventions

As part of there Incredible Inventions topic, Year Two were challenged to create their own inventions with moving parts.  During our DT lessons,…

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9th March 2021

Yr 2’s Marvellous Models

Friday 26th February was ‘Tech/Screen Free Friday’, which was enjoyed by everyone whilst working from home. The aim was to set some tasks that the…

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3rd March 2021

Astronauts in Action!

This week, Year 5 have been introduced to their new topic- Space. Although it has only been a short time, we have already learnt so…

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2nd March 2021

Plastic Polluting OUR Planet!

Our topic this term is looking at our Plastic Planet and the effect it has on our ecosystems, wildlife and climate. We had a very…

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