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24th May 2022

Colour Exploration!

Reception have been exploring colour using spices, plants, fruits and vegetables. They were very excited to see what colours could be made. The spices were…

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10th June 2021

Let’s Plant

Reception have been investigating how plants grow. We planted four beans: one had sun and water, one was in sunlight but had no…

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26th June 2020

Evil Pea has done it again!

The week began with the Veggies being trapped by Evil Pea! The children were asked to write a Wanted Poster to find The Evil…

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2nd December 2019

The owls come to Kingsleigh

Reception are reading Owl Babies as part of their topic Into the Night! This week we had a visit from Liberty Owls Sanctuary. First…

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19th November 2019


Reception children have been exploring Bonfire Night  and Diwali celebrations. We talked about how some people celebrate these. The children have been using a variety…

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8th October 2019

Settling in to Reception

The children in Reception have been getting used to the routines and expectations over this term. We have learnt about our Rainbow Rules and why it…

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