School Blog: Maths

28th June 2018

Maths Detectives

Year 6 have been using their mathemtic skills with a new resource this week, cuisenaire rods.  All of our problems have been linked to the…

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13th June 2018

Bar modelling

Kingsleigh primary have started to use the bar model as a useful tool in solving maths problems. The year 6 children have experienced the…

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14th May 2018

Fraction Fun

A difficult area of mathematics has always been the understanding of fractions. This however, has not stopped Year 3 from tackling it head on.

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29th January 2018

Year 2 Times Tables!

A few weeks ago Year 2 started some exciting times tables challenges!  There are currently 4 levels of challenge and they are named after different…

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17th January 2018

Rock on!

There is, quite literally, never a dull moment in school and today was no exception!  Children and staff from Year 2-6 had come dressed as…

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19th December 2017

Who is the Christmas Grinch?

On Tuesday, Year 4 arrived at school to find out that although Kingsleigh is full of festive spirit, one of the teachers was actually the…

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7th December 2017

Mega Maths!

In Year 6 we have been working really hard on our mental maths skills.  We have learnt that maths is not always about getting the…

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3rd October 2017

Year 4 try Finger Jam!

Finger Jam is the new times tables game we have been trying out today. Two players hide their hands behind their backs, repeat ‘finger…

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2nd October 2017

Challenge Maths

Every week, the children are challenged to improve their times tables. The children practise at home and in school to try and complete a challenge…

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9th December 2016

Dino Dimensions!

Year 2 have been finding out how big dinosaurs really were as part of our ‘Egg-citing Discovery’ topic. We researched the sizes of some well…

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7th December 2016

The Wonderful World of Winnie the Witch!

This term the Year 1 Tigers have been introduced to the delights of the Winnie the Witch stories. The children got…

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18th January 2016

Measuring Madness

Year 2 have been learning about measurments, including length and mass.  We know that these are important skills that we will need to use in…

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