School Blog: Pre-School

15th March 2019

Scoot-a-thon in Pre School

As a finale to our transport topic we decided to have a fundraising event. We asked the children to raise sponsor money for scooting or…

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6th February 2019

Terrific Transport.

This half term the children have been enjoying our transport topic. We have had lots of visitors coming into Pre-School to show us their transport.

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11th December 2018

An icy problem.

We had an icy problem to solve in Pre-School today. There was a huge block of ice with some animals trapped inside. At first we…

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2nd November 2018

Planting in Pre-School

Autumn is here, but in Pre-School we are already thinking about Spring!  Now is the time to plant spring bulbs and Mrs Dennison and her…

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10th October 2018

Pre-School have started!

It has been a very busy few weeks saying hello to new friends in Pre-School. Everyone are busy getting to know each other and making…

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5th October 2018

Pre-School are here!

It has been a very busy few weeks saying hello to lots of new friends in Pre-School. We have had lots of fun…

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3rd July 2018

Pirate Pre-School

Today we were feeling very piratey! We started off by making pirate treasure maps which lead to us going on our own pirate adventure treasure…

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27th June 2018

Fun in the sun

We have really been enjoying the sun in Pre-School. We have really enjoyed using the squeezy bottles. Maybe we could do this at…

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12th June 2018

The library comes to Pre-School

Unfortunately the library was closed today as the Year 6 children are doing some very busy work. The good news was the the library…

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23rd May 2018

Games time

In Pre-School we are starting to play some games to help with our turn taking and waiting skills. We were really good at…

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9th May 2018

Let’s go fly a kite

One windy Thursday afternoon the children were inspired to make kites. We used toilet rolls and kitchen rolls and decorated them.   We…

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18th April 2018

Shark infested waters!

The PTA very kindly bought us lots of lovely new bricks. We made a path with them and were avoiding touching the floor. We then…

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