School Blog: PSHCE

3rd March 2020

Sharing and celebrating our Dreams and Goals

For our Jigsaw PSHE unit this half term, we have been considering our dreams and goals. We had an assembly to share and celebrate our…

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27th January 2020

Physical Activity at Kingsleigh Primary School

At Kingsleigh Primary School, we have the most amazing facilities! The children are so lucky to have a wonderful hall, field and others places and…

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17th January 2020

Celebrating Difference

Our unit of Jigsaw PSHE last half term was Celebrating Difference. The children learnt to celebrate our similarities and differences in lots of areas through…

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13th January 2020

Celebrating Jigsaw

Last half term, our Jigsaw Ambassadors collaborated to create our fantastic Jigsaw display. During Jigsaw Club, we planned a display idea for each unit of…

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