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5th April 2019

Key Stage 1 Brilliant Reading Buddies

We have started a new, exciting reading experience in Years 1 and 2. Each Year 1 child pairs up with a Year 2 child…

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4th April 2019

Ship Ahoy!

We have been working really hard in Year 2 finding out all about Nelson and H.M.S.Victory. We were given the task of…

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31st March 2019

Sunday Afternoon.

Today’s lunch was delicious once again and after we hadn’t all eaten it was off to Little Wembley for a game of football and…

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31st March 2019

Sunday Morning

Well the sun is still shining but the corridors were certainly a little quieter this morning and the clocks changinging were definitely an…

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29th March 2019

Cuisenaire Rods

Year 1 have been very excited to use our new maths equipment called Cuisenaire. They are used throughout the school in all year groups to…

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27th March 2019

Firefighter Visit

In Reception, we had a visit from the Redhill firefighters. They talked to us about how to stay safe at home, how we…

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21st March 2019

Which chocolate contains Palm Oil?!

Year 6 have been finding out about the Palm Oil industry.  We have investigated the positive and negative impact this industry has on the countries…

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19th March 2019

Year 3 Go Bollywood Style!

We are so proud of our Year Three’s colourful assembly on the last day of term.  We have enjoyed learning about India so much and…

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15th March 2019

Scoot-a-thon in Pre School

As a finale to our transport topic we decided to have a fundraising event. We asked the children to raise sponsor money for scooting or…

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12th March 2019

Change for Life Decorate Fruit Cakes

This week in Change For Life Club, we decided that we wanted to make healthier cakes. We discussed the fruit we liked and didn’t like…

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8th March 2019

World Book Day

At Kingsleigh, we think reading is an important part of every day but on World  Book Day we get really excited about celebrating reading and…

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6th March 2019

Year Two Pet Club

Some of our Year Two are currently involved with an after school pet club. Each week follows a theme of a different pet. For the…

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