School Blog: Year 1 – Tigers

20th September 2018

101 Dalmatian Party

To round up our arts week in Year 1 we held a 101 Dalmatian party. Earlier in the week we painted black spots onto…

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11th July 2018

Year 1 Outdoor Learning

Over the past few months, Year 1 have been developing the space outside our classrooms so the children can take part in more…

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2nd July 2018

Fly High Butterflies!

  Year one were lucky enough to have some teeny, tiny butterflies come to stay thanks to Niyah!  They quickly grew into very big…

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22nd June 2018

Year 1 Castles Day

Year 1 Castles Day! As a finale to our ‘Castles’ topic, Year 1 had a Castle Day on the last day…

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17th April 2018

Year 1 Visit Farmer Palmer’s

Last half term, Year 1 learnt all about animals and their characteristics. So we decided to take a trip to Farmer Palmer’s to observe some animals…

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27th March 2018

Eggciting News!

As part of our, ‘Circle of Life’ topic, Year 1 have been learning all about different animal classes, including: mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. On…

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21st March 2018

Year 1 Art Club

Our budding artists in Year 1 have been learning all about primary and secondary colours. First, we took the three primary colours red, yellow and…

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20th March 2018

World Book Day

On Friday 9th March, we celebrated ‘World Book Day’ by dressing up. Our theme was, ‘What I would like to be when I…

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26th February 2018

A Mysterious Visitor…

During a nature walk around the school grounds, Year 1 made a very exciting discovery. They found a mysterious box filled with…

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22nd February 2018

Year 1 Clay Creatures

Following a visit by a mysterious fantasy creature, Year 1 have been doing lots of creative artwork the past couple of weeks. We…

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8th February 2018

Fantasy Fairy Cakes

When the children came back from lunch one day this week we found some tiny fairy doors!          …

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15th December 2017

Tiger Tastic Christmas Craft!

In between three shows and a dress rehearsal to the school last week, the Year 1 Tigers have still found time to do…

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