School Blog: Year 2

3rd February 2021

Ridiculous Riddles

We are extremely proud of the year 2 children once again this week. They are continuing to work tremendously hard and learning lots at home.

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13th January 2021

Year Two’s Marshmallow Monsters!

To kick off our first few days of home learning, we thought we’d start with a fun short movie about a marshmallow monster! The monster…

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11th November 2020

Splendid Singapore

For Arts week, Year 2 have been looking at the different buildings and impressive architecture of Singapore. The children really enjoyed learning about this new…

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15th October 2020

Year 2 ‘Black Lives Matter’

This week, Year 2 have spent time discussing differences. We discussed the fact that there are many differences between people and one of…

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5th October 2020

Curious cuisenaire maths

The Year 2 children have been exploring Cuisenaire rods in maths. These rods are really useful for children as they try and visually understand key…

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15th September 2020

Epic Everest and English!

Year 2 have started the term really well and our new topic is Epic Everest. The children will be exploring the lives of the first…

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16th July 2020

Year 2’s Habitat Fun

This week, the Year 2 children have been doing research on habitats. They discovered that a habitat is a place where an animal or plant lives.

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1st July 2020

Year 2’s African Craft 🎨

This week, Year 2 have been busy getting crafty! As part of our ‘Africa’ topic, one of the challenges we set was to…

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23rd June 2020

Year 2’s Perfect ‘Bubble’

This week, Year 2 have been working extremely hard both in school and at home. We have been thinking about keeping…

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15th June 2020

The beginning of Year 2’s African Adventure

Teachers and children alike have been very excited about our new topic…Africa!  Amazing animals, gorgeous weather, super scenery – what’s not to love? Once again,…

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4th May 2020

Year 2 discover that bees are blooming marvellous

  Year 2 were very busy bees last week, finding out about why these stripy insects are so important and how we can help…

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8th April 2020

Kingsleigh’s random reading places

Well Kingsleigh, what an inventive lot you are!  I challenged you to read in an unusual place and you have well and truly risen to…

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