School Blog: Year 3

26th November 2020

Wonderful Woodland Work

Year 3 are enjoying their topic ‘Woodland Watch’. We will be exploring our wonderful British woodlands and looking at ways we can help protect the…

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17th November 2020

Year 3 art week!

In year 3, we focused on an ancient building in Cambodia called Angkor Wat. We loved the beautiful architecture and the interesting history which dates…

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5th November 2020

The beautiful Festival of Diwali!

In Religious Education we have been looking at Diwali (The Festival of Light) and what happens during this time. We first learnt the story of…

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22nd October 2020

Year Three Marvellous Maths

Year Three are busy being immersed into the world of number. The children have been learning about place value as well as addition and subtraction.

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12th October 2020

Outstanding PE for Year 3!

Year 3 have been outstanding with their PE skills this week. They have been working on some key skills that help them across a variety…

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28th September 2020

Reflection Madness

Year 3 have been focusing on light in Science and this week were performing experiments to help understand how light reflects of objects. They were…

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15th July 2020

Year 3’s creative creations!

It has been lovely seeing all of the activities Year 3 have been up to as part of their home learning this week! There are…

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8th July 2020

Year 3’s Amazing Guided Reading!

Year 3 are completely engrossed in their book, The Secret Lake, and this week they continued to unravel the mystery. On Monday they discovered that,…

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25th June 2020

Year 3 started a new adventure reading The Secret Lake!

This week, Year 3 have started reading a new book called The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis. We have been introduced to many different characters…

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19th June 2020

Year 3 at the beach!

Year 3 have been amazing again this week! We are so, so proud of them and the work they are doing. We have been learning…

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10th June 2020

Year 3 Astounds again!

Year 3 have been amazing again this week! They astound us with their motivation and commitment to learning at home. This week in Literacy we…

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8th June 2020

A creative week for Year 3!

This week, the children have completed some activities which really focus on their creativity and imagination. These tasks have allowed the children to be resilient…

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