School Blog: Year 3

6th May 2020

What a creative week Year 3!

ALL of the year 3 teachers are so proud of the work the children have been doing at home! We have loved seeing what you…

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13th April 2020

Year 3’s Incredible Home Learning

What an incredible week of learning we have had again at home! It’s been a real pleasure to see the children’s emails, videos and pictures…

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25th March 2020

Year 3’s Home Learning

It has been wonderful to see some of the things that Year 3 have been getting up to at home! Miss Wilson challenged Year 3…

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13th March 2020

A Plastic Ocean

Year 3 are most excited about their topic – ‘Plastic Planet’. We received a letter from Great Thunberg, asking us to help her to save…

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2nd March 2020

Year 3 to Butser Ancient Farm

Year 3 have been learning about Early Man and as part of this topic, we went on a trip to Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire.

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26th February 2020

Year 3 Go Composting!

This term in Science we have been learning all about rocks and soils. This week in Science we made compost bins, as we were…

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6th February 2020

Fraction Fun

This week in Year 3, we have begun looking at fractions. We have used the Cuisenaire Rods to help us with our understanding of…

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29th January 2020

Writing Wizardry!

We had a real treat in year 3; some visitors from Bournemouth University visited us to teach us about story writing. We began…

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24th January 2020

Organising different types of rocks

In science we have been looking at the three different types of naturally occurring rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. In addition, we also identified human-made…

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20th January 2020

Hand puppets with year 3

Year 3 have been working very hard this term and have enjoyed the ‘Woodland Watch’ topic. As part of the topic, the children have enjoyed…

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14th January 2020

Year 3 Woodland Day

In Year 3 we had a woodland day as part of our topic.  We started the day by reading the story ‘Coming Home’ by Michael…

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9th December 2019

Year 3 Woodland Watch

This half term brings with it our new topic – Woodland Watch! For our Design Technology this half term, we will be making…

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