School Blog: Year 5

18th September 2020

Here Be Dragons!

In Year 5 this term, our topic is Fantastic Beasts! As part of our learning, we have been looking at the book Tell Me a…

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10th July 2020

Marvellous Mathematicians!

This week sees the end of our Isee Maths videos (but panic not there will be other videos to challenge the children!) They have been…

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30th June 2020

Fantastic Home Learning!

Year 5 have impressed us once again with their fantastic home learning this week. Even with all this lovely sunny weather, they have been dedicated…

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24th June 2020

Year 5’s Home Learning

It has been another great week of home learning. We have been really impressed with the children’s commitment to completing their Maths challenges daily and…

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12th June 2020

Clockwork Tower – Super slow writes!

This week we were challenged to write a narrative based on The Clockwork Tower, a video on the Literacy Shed. It’s a lovely story so…

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5th June 2020

Here Be Dragons!

This week, we were challenged to create our own dragon design and then write an information text based on it. First, we listened to…

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22nd May 2020

Amazing Year 5 and 6 Water Cycle work!

Last week, we gave children in Years 5 and 6 the challenge of researching the water cycle and then, using their new knowledge, writing an…

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8th May 2020

What we’ve been up to in Year 5: the home edition!

This week, we’ve all been incredibly busy and the Year 5 teachers have been amazed by the amount of emails they’ve been getting from children…

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1st May 2020

Persuasive Letters from Year 5

Last week, Year 5 were set the challenge of writing a persuasive letter by Mrs Manston and Mrs Watson. This was based on the animation…

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30th April 2020

Amazing Year 5 Home Learning

Year 5 have had a really positive first week back to home learning. Well done everyone! We have enjoyed hearing about all their adventures in…

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7th April 2020

Haiku Challenge

We have seen some fabulous working coming in from Year 5 over the past few days and last week. We still haven’t heard from all…

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30th March 2020

Home Learning: Year 5’s First Days

This week, we have begun our new adventure of learning from home! All our teachers are so proud of how we have risen to the…

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