School Blog: Year 6

21st September 2020

Super Spies!

Since returning to school, the Year 6 pupils have been transformed into spies! Last week, they started their learning by beginning to learn a spy…

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29th June 2020

From Kingsleigh With Love…..Year 6 Secret Spies!

    Last week, year 6 were secret spies and we were set a special mission from agent Millar007! We had to create our…

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12th June 2020

Clockwork Tower – Super slow writes!

This week we were challenged to write a narrative based on The Clockwork Tower, a video on the Literacy Shed. It’s a lovely story so…

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5th June 2020

Here Be Dragons!

This week, we were challenged to create our own dragon design and then write an information text based on it. First, we listened to…

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22nd May 2020

Amazing Year 5 and 6 Water Cycle work!

Last week, we gave children in Years 5 and 6 the challenge of researching the water cycle and then, using their new knowledge, writing an…

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20th May 2020

Year 6 – We are grateful for…

Recently, Year 6 children have been sharing what they are grateful for. They have been thinking long and hard about who and what…

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19th May 2020

Original Origami!

At this time of year, the Year 6 students were expecting to undertake their SATs exams, which they have been preparing for diligently over the…

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15th May 2020

Incredible Instructions

On Monday, Mr Hart announced how he needed our help!  By the end of the week, he wanted year 6 to write a set of…

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3rd April 2020

What a great first week of home learning!

The year 6 staff feel so immensely proud of how well the children got on with their home learning last week.

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25th March 2020

Year 6 Home Learning Begins…

What a great start to Home Learning by Year 6 students! We have been emailed creative writing about The Land of Custard and also a…

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18th March 2020

Creative writing in Year 6

We are writing a narrative in Year 6 as part of our, ‘Preserving The Land of Neverbelieve’ topic. The children have been learning a text…

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10th March 2020

Beautiful Book Nooks

This term, Year 6 have been studying Harry Potter, with their home learning project to create a ‘Book nook.’ From a recent blog, you could…

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