School Blog: Year 6

10th December 2018

Practical maths!

Since the start of this half term, the year 6 children have been tackling maths problems using practical resources. We firmly believe this helps reinforce the…

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4th December 2018

Christmas has officially begun!

At Kingsleigh Primary School, we have a wonderful KS2 choir. Rehearsals have been taking place every week since September! The children have been diligently learning…

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28th November 2018

Science experiments!

Year 6 have been busy in Science! We have started to investigate the, ‘states of matter’, looking at the fundamental differences between solids, liquids and…

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20th November 2018

Football Frenzy

As the sun shone down on Littledown Sports Centre, Kingsleigh’s invitation cup football team graced the pitch. Mr Bainton and Mr Evan’s began the…

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16th November 2018

Go Girls Go!

On a sunny, crisp afternoon, the Girls’ Football Team travelled to Littledown Sports Centre to represent Kingsleigh in the Girls Predator Tournament Competition. Most of these girls had never…

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15th November 2018

Year 6’s Home Learning

Year 6 have been using the Disney film, Aladdin as inspiration for their home learning projects this term. Shadow puppet theatres are a form of…

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14th November 2018

Rise and SHINE Week 6!

It was another early start on Saturday as we set off for Canford School. When we arrived, we went into the breakfast hall and enjoyed…

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29th October 2018

It’s Saturday – Rise and SHINE!

On Saturday morning, the talk in the minibus was whether we would be eating sausages or waffles for breakfast! After a delicious…

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18th October 2018

Mega Mental Maths

Year 6 have been having a real focus on their mental maths skills this week.  We have talked about how important it is to have…

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15th October 2018

Paired reading

The year 6 children all know the value of reading, and they recognise a good book when they see one! This week, in Guided Reading,…

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28th September 2018

Year 6 Art week – the end result!

After much painting, sketching, sticking, re-sticking; a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears, the year 6 art has finally been put on display! The…

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13th September 2018

Year 6 Arts Week!

It may only be the first full week back at school, but the children have already started to shine during Arts Week. The children have…

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