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25th April 2018

Year 5 Visit Blashford Lakes

On Thursday 8th March 5NZ and 5LA went on their Geography trip to Blashford Lakes to learn more about rivers and life…

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24th April 2018

Healthy Kingsleigh’s Jigsaw Assembly

Last half term, we covered  Healthy Me in Jigsaw and celebrated our learning in our assembly.   Year 2 shared their learning about healthy meals…

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23rd April 2018

Cafe Italiano

During the final week of last term, Year 6 opened a pop up Italian cafe for one day only! The cafe was to mark…

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20th April 2018

year 3 Orchestra

Last term year 3 were very lucky to have a music specialist, Mr Woods, teaching their music lessons every Wednesday.  Each class has been composing their own piece…

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19th April 2018

Sport Smoothies!

Delicious! The Change4Life members got to have a tasty time planning, making and tasting fruit smoothies! We had two teams of children who designed very…

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18th April 2018

Shark infested waters!

The PTA very kindly bought us lots of lovely new bricks. We made a path with them and were avoiding touching the floor. We then…

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17th April 2018

Year 1 Visit Farmer Palmer’s

Last half term, Year 1 learnt all about animals and their characteristics. So we decided to take a trip to Farmer Palmer’s to observe some animals…

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28th March 2018

World Book Day in Year 2

Year 2 really enjoyed World Book Day. The teachers were really impressed with the costumes. We shared what we want to be when we grow…

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27th March 2018

Eggciting News!

As part of our, ‘Circle of Life’ topic, Year 1 have been learning all about different animal classes, including: mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. On…

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26th March 2018

We are coming home!

It is so glorious here this morning that we just could not resist one more upate.  All the staff would like to thank the…

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25th March 2018

Final photos from a fantastic weekend!

Here are some final snaps from what has been a fantastic weekend.   The children loved their disco and are now all safely tucked up…

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