School Blog: November 2014

30th November 2014

Year 6 Writing goes Global- updated

This was the picture that prompted our year sixes into action.  It shows Mali, an elephant who has been…

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28th November 2014

First assembly in our new hall

  Our brand new hall! Kingsleigh Primary School held its first assembly in their new hall by celebrating the works of…

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27th November 2014

Kingsleigh Choir at the Pavillion

Kingsleigh Choir were outstanding!!! This week, choir members spent the day at the Pavillion Theatre rehearsing for the evening BSMA carol concerts.  The first of the…

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25th November 2014

The Vikings are Coming!

Undeniably barbaric and savage, the Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 793 AD has captured the imagination of Year 5.  We  imagined  the impact that the raid would…

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24th November 2014


Can you see his terrible teeth in his terrbile jaws and his turned out toes and the end of his paws? Year 2…

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23rd November 2014

Happy Diwali!!

Mrs Bower came to teach us about Diwali, the festival of light. She read us the story of Rama and Sita.   We…

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22nd November 2014

New Hall… First Rehearsal

Year 2 had the luxry of being the first year group to rehearse for their year group assembly.  It was a BIG change from what…

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20th November 2014

Year 5 Water Workshop

Year 5 had a very exciting visitor this week from Bournemouth Sembcorp. They learned the process of turning river water into water…

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18th November 2014

Reception Phonics Morning

A big thank you to all the parents who made it to Reception’s Phonics morning. It was a great opportunity to show you how your…

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17th November 2014

At The Coast!

In Year 4 we have been learning about coastal habitats.   We started our topic with a trip to…

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14th November 2014

Children in Need

The stage was set…the day had come…it was time for Kingsleigh has Talent! House auditions were over and the final…

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13th November 2014

Governors’ Second Blog.

Welcome to Governors’ second “blog”. Our web site is often updated and if you haven’t already done so please add it to your favourites bar.

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