School Blog: February 2015

27th February 2015

Year 4’s excellent Egyptian sculpture

Year 4 have been investigating, designing and creating Egyptian sculptures this week. Have a look at some of our impressive…

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26th February 2015

Year 1’s First Assembly

This week was an extra special assembly, the first of our assemblies that parents have been…

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25th February 2015

The Millers return to Year 3

A very exciting morning in Year 3 today. As we entered the classrooms is was clear something had been going on through the night.  Tyre…

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23rd February 2015

Year 3 Rangoli patterns

This half term Year 3 have been busy making Rangoli patterns as part of our India topic. Rangoli patterns are often used to…

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12th February 2015

Topic Fun!

All of our learning is based around a topic.

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12th February 2015

Gumboot dancing and African Drumming in Year 6.

Year 6 have been learning dance rhythms that come from African Gumboot dancing, they have learnt four of these rhythms… They have also…

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11th February 2015

Egyptian Music with Year 4

As part of their topic on Ancient Egypt the children in Year 4 have been learning Egyptian songs. One of these songs was all about the River Nile. The children…

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10th February 2015

Year 3s production of Rama and Sita

As part art of our Out of India topic year three have worked very hard to put on a performance of the Ramanyana. It is…

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9th February 2015

Samba Bonanza with Year 5 and their parents!

After weeks of learning rhythms and beats on Samba drums and other Samba instruments the moment of truth was finally here… the performance!…

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6th February 2015

Kingsleigh’s Great Again!

Today really was a day to be VERY proud to be a part of Kingsleigh Primary School…the long awaited opening “Movie Premiere” day…

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5th February 2015

Pizza in Calm Cove.

There are always delicious smells coming from Calm Cove on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as the children in our Nurture Group enjoy a snack as…

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4th February 2015

Fun in the Snow

When we got to school our playground was covered in snow. All of the Reception children (and the teachers) were so excited! We couldn’t wait to get…

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