School Blog: May 2015

22nd May 2015

We really are GREAT!

Today was the celebration of a fantastic week at Kingsleigh.  Not only was it our community day, which was very well attended, it…

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21st May 2015

Aspiring Pupils

Following the VERY exciting start to our week, yesterday was a relatively calm day in school with no more signs of rockets!  The children, from Nursery…

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20th May 2015

Rocket Popping Science!

Ready for lift off! Year 5 enjoyed a popping rocket science lesson this afternoon. After all the excitement of this morning, we decided…

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19th May 2015

Out of this World!

Well, who would believe it!  Today we arrived at school to a very unusual scene indeed!  A large section of the field…

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18th May 2015

Rocket Sighting near KPS!

Today has been a very strange day indeed at school.  Things started as normal and it seemed like any other morning at KPS but by…

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15th May 2015

Creating wind chimes…

Year 3 have been designing some exciting wind chimes as part of their Design Technology this term. After designing their own sensory garden, each child…

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14th May 2015

Reading in Year 2

        We have got some exciting new Guided Reading books at KPS! They can be used by all the…

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13th May 2015

Smashing Saxon Shields

This half term Year 4 have been learning all about the Saxons.  They have thought about what it was like to live during Saxon times.

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12th May 2015

SATs Week!

The Year sixes have got off to a great start with their SATS this week!  They have worked extremely hard and we are very proud…

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11th May 2015

Our special people.

In nurture group have been thinking about the special people that we have in our lives. We each painted a pebble to represent a person who is…

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8th May 2015

Sharing our stories

Last term year 3 shared their creative stories with year 1, where they practised reading aloud to their new friends and sharing their ideas. The children…

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7th May 2015

Home Learning

In year two we learnt a lot about HMS Victory last term, in fact we had learnt to much that we were able…

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