School Blog: July 2015

31st July 2015

Our Castle Challenge!

We were so surprised to receive a visitor a couple of weeks ago… it was Sir Simon, a lonely knight! He was upset because no…

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27th July 2015

Redhill Park

On Friday Reception went to Redhill Park. First we we played in the park. We walked through the woods as we had been told by…

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27th July 2015

Year 6 Leavers: Old Photos

Photo taken at Jubilee Party (year 3?) After the Year 6 Leaver’s assembly, many parents asked about some of the photos that were…

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23rd July 2015

Year 3 discover the Romans!

This week year 3 went on a trip to Dorchester as part of their Roman topic. The children stopped off for an excellent guided tour…

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22nd July 2015

Year 6 Celebrations!

To celebrate their time at Kingsleigh, the Year sixes were treated to a day of fun! Some of the children were invited out of school on…

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21st July 2015

Chair’s Report

Any school year is eventful but this year has been exceptional by any standards. Last September we were in the middle of…

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20th July 2015

Arts Trip

Last Monday our talented Art, Music and Performing Arts pupils were invited to visit the Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre for a backstage tour and workshop. We looked…

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17th July 2015

Magna Cantata Extravaganza!

Magna Carta (Latin for “Great Charter”) is one of the most celebrated documents in English history. It was the first step towards a democratic society and…

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16th July 2015

French Cafe

On Tuesday 14th July, we had a fantastic French Café. What’s a French Café? Well, what happened was this …… This is what it looked…

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15th July 2015

Summer Reading Challenge

Today was a very exciting assembly as Ian, from Bournemouth Library Services, came in to talk to us about the summer reading challenge.

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14th July 2015


Last night was the first performance of the Year 6 production, Oliver.  Over the last half term all the year group team have been working…

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10th July 2015

KPS Sports Day.

The sun was shining, the field was covered in activities which could mean only one thing…sports day had arrived!  The morning saw the turn of…

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