School Blog: November 2015

27th November 2015

Christmas is Coming!

It was that time of year again, time to get into our houses and make decorations to turn our school into a Christmas Wonderland!  All…

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26th November 2015

Peer Mediators, here to help

Meet our fantastic team of Peer Mediators who are proud to wear the Mediation Bibs. We started our Peer Mediation Service at Kingsleigh…

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25th November 2015

Nurture Group News

In Nurture Group we have been thinking about little things each day that make us feel good. To record these moments we made a ‘Feel Good Token Box’…

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24th November 2015

Year 5 Football Fun!

Last week, our year 5 football team took part in the Predator Tournament at Littledown. Dream team! In our group we faced Heathlands,…

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23rd November 2015

Massai warrior performance!

Year 4 were really lucky to be invited to a special performance recently at the Bourne Academy! A performing group of Massai warriors had come…

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19th November 2015

It’s good to talk

Today Year 3 and Year 5 got together to talk about their guided reading books from last half term. We looked…

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18th November 2015

Tidying up aroundKingsleigh!

This week our year sixes took part in a mission to help to tidy up our local community by going on a litter pick. We…

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17th November 2015

Let’s Celebrate Diwali

The Reception children have enjoyed learning all about Diwali as part of our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ topic. We made diya lamps out…

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16th November 2015

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!

Our Nursery ‘Talk for Write’ got off to a running start with…  “Run, run as fast as you can!  You can’t…

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13th November 2015

Children in Need

Today was Children in Need and Kingsleigh’s houses had decided that this year we would raise money by running the “Great Kingsleigh Bake Off!”. Houses…

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12th November 2015

Our Rainbow Rules – Nursery

Rights and Responsibilities Jenie Jigsaw Through our Jigsaw scheme of work we have completed the first Unit “Being Me…

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10th November 2015

Instrumental Inspiration!

At Music Club this week we were very lucky to listen to Patrick playing his cello for us. We listened to a piece of music…

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