School Blog: January 2016

29th January 2016

Keeping Safe on the Roads

Year 1 had a visit from our Road Safety Officers today. We watched a film about how to cross the road safely and where is…

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28th January 2016

AFC Bournemouth visit Year 4

On Monday AFC Bournemouth visited Year 4 to talk about potential dangers when using the internet and to increase our awareness around …

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27th January 2016

Cyber Coach

All the year groups have been using Cyber coach over the last few years and year 2 are no exception. As part of the National…

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26th January 2016

Getting Perspective.

This half term Year 6’s Topic is New York, New York.  As part of their work they thought about…

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24th January 2016

Martial Arts Sessions

Reception and Year 1 classes were lucky enough to have a martial arts session this week. Green Apple class loved the experience… First we all…

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21st January 2016

Sink or Sail?

Year 5 finished their Viking topic with a splash! During our Viking topic the children enjoyed learning about the life of  Vikings and the legacy that…

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19th January 2016

India takes over Year 3

The children returned to school after a relaxing break to find a mysterious suitcase left in the classroom.  After a quick inspection, we discovered in…

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18th January 2016

Measuring Madness

Year 2 have been learning about measurments, including length and mass.  We know that these are important skills that we will need to use in…

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14th January 2016

Year 4’s gymnastic performance!

Last half- term year 4 were working hard in gymnastics during PE. We started off by looking at how to jump and land safely, how to jump and turn in the…

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10th January 2016

Nursery’s New Room

The start of 2016 is an exciting time for Nursery as we formally expand into our extra room. Nursery now occupies both rooms…

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6th January 2016

County Finals

At the end of last term, Kingsleigh Primary School was extremely proud to  take our girls football team to the county predator finals. After winning…

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