School Blog: February 2016

29th February 2016

A Victorious Visit from a Viscount

Year 2 had the pleasure of meeting a Lord and Mighty Hero of the Sea. They got to ask our special visitor a lot of questions…

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25th February 2016

Bar Modelling

At the end of last half term, some teachers from our school went to visit a school in Slough to learn about some…

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24th February 2016

London’s Burning! London’s Burning!

Year two have been learning about the Great Fire of London, which happened in 1666. The children have done some amazing…

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23rd February 2016

Espionage in Year 6!

This half term got off to a very exciting start in Year 6, it wasn’t  even nine o’clock when Mrs Francis came rushing  into the…

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12th February 2016

Walk like an Egyptian…

Year 4 had their Egyptian day to celebrate the end of their unit of work on Ancient Egypt. The children had the chance to dress…

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11th February 2016

Art club goes to Bournemouth University…

Last Thursday KS2 Art club went to Bournemouth University. We have some very talented artists at KPS so this was a real treat for them…

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10th February 2016

Chinese New Year with the Red Strawberries

We have been finding out about Chinese New Year and other traditions in China. We looked at Chinese artefacts and talked about what they could…

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9th February 2016

Nurture Group Gardeners

We have been enjoying doing some gardening in Nurture Group. We helped Mr Davis weed the planters and were really pleased to discover some carrots! Mr Davis…

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5th February 2016

Being wise with StreetWise

This half term, Year 2 walked to visit Street Wise on Elliot Road.  While they were there they learned how to stay safe and how to make that all…

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4th February 2016

Egyptian artefacts found!

As part of Year 4’s Ancient Egypt topic, the children have been designing and creating their own Ancient Egyptian artefacts in art. The children have…

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3rd February 2016

It’s raining, it’s pouring

It’s raining it’s pouring, the weather can be so boring – unless you come to Kingsleigh Nursery! So, only a few weeks into the…

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1st February 2016

Saturday Swim

On Saturday, 12 swimmers from Year 5 and 6 proudly represented the school in a school’s swimming gala. The event consisted of children competing in a…

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