School Blog: November 2016

30th November 2016

Decorate the School Morning

It is getting close to that time of year again…Christmas!  Last Friday, carols could be heard echoing down the corridors as children from Years 1-6…

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29th November 2016

Launching our home learning to a flying start

Year 5 are researching Earth and our Galaxy, to inform Astro Aspiration about where we are in the universe and the solar system…

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28th November 2016

Green Club Love Litter!

On Wednesday 9th November, Green Club were very excited to be joined by Cherry Bear, who came to help them with a litter pick in our local…

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25th November 2016

Year 3 Explore the Oceanarium

This week has been an exciting week for the year 3 children.  Split over 2 days, the children in Year 3 have had the opportunity…

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24th November 2016

Nursery rhyme week!

In Pre-School, we celebrated world Nursery Rhyme week. We learnt a different nursery rhyme each day and completed some activities related to that nursery rhyme.

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23rd November 2016

Our Shine Saturdays so far…

A group of our Year 6 pupils have been attending Shine Saturday School at Canford School since September. They have had some incredible learning experiences,…

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21st November 2016

Year 4 Fizz Inflators

As part of our Septenary Trust science project, Year 4 made Fizz Inflators! To make them we needed, a bottle, some vinegar, some bicarbonate of…

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18th November 2016

Kingsleigh’s got Talent!

Today was an extremely exciting one at Kingsleigh Primary, it was time for the Children In Need, Kingsleigh has got Talent show!  The excitement was…

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18th November 2016

Autumn exploring !

Reception have been busy looking for signs of autumn. We all enjoyed going on an autumn walk in the school grounds, finding different types of…

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17th November 2016

Loving our Life Education

All aspects of learning are important to us as Kingsleigh, including learning that enables us to be thoughtful, healthy citizens. Life Education helps…

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16th November 2016

Kingsleigh Sport Ambassadors.

21 local schools took part in the training day at Harewood College on the 13th of October for the Bronze School Sport Ambassadors training. The…

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15th November 2016

Poetry Assembly

Over this term, the children in Key Stage 2 have been getting together on a Tuesday morning to take part in poetry assemblies.  Each class…

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