School Blog: February 2017

27th February 2017

Stay safe – stay E safe

Tuesday 7th February was Safer Internet Day and the entire school was busy working on thinking about what it means to stay safe on the…

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23rd February 2017

Kingsleigh Film Critics

Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed having a film morning to watch a new short film called Litterbugs. After the exciting visit from local film…

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22nd February 2017

Year Five Groovy Greeks Homework Projects

The task was set for our year five pupils to design a piece of homework based on our theme ‘Groovy Greeks!’ Bailey, Katie, Hannah, Thomas…

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10th February 2017

Year Two’s Baking Challenge!

Over the past two weeks, Year 2 have been visiting Paula in the kitchen in small groups to learn how to bake bread. Paula bakes…

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9th February 2017

Special Visitors in Reception

As part of our ‘People who Help Us’ topic we have been really excited to have lots of visitors in Reception. We heard…

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8th February 2017

Year 5 PE

We have been having lots of fun learning how to dance in the style of ‘Bollywood!’ Each week, year five come together in the…

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7th February 2017

Land of Neverbelieve!

This half term our topic has been based around a book called, The Land of Neverbelieve.  The book documents the travels of an explorer who…

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6th February 2017

Marvellous Me!

We are so excited about the Marvellous Me App that has been introduced into school and were really pleased to hear all the positive comments…

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3rd February 2017

Spectacular Spelling in Year 2!

Year 2 have been working hard to improve our spelling this term. We have been focusing on our Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words…

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2nd February 2017

“Litterbugs” Comes To Kingsleigh Primary

On Wednesday 25th January we hosted a showing of a new children’s film that is currently touring film festivals world-wide. It is called “Litterbugs” and…

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2nd February 2017

Red means stop, green means go! Amber means careful must go slow!

Over the past few weeks the Road Safety Team from Bournemouth Borough Council have been in visiting all the pupils at Kingsleigh from Pre-School all…

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1st February 2017

Musical Aspirations!

Year 2 were very excited to start their class violin lessons two weeks ago. Mr Acreman is joining them in their violin lessons and has…

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