School Blog: May 2017

24th May 2017

Magical Music!

As part of our Fantasia topic we have been joined by Abi a specialist music teacher. The children had the first…

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22nd May 2017

Fossil Talk!

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from a local fossil enthusiast.  The children had the opportunity to learn…

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17th May 2017

Money, money, money!

The Reception children put all their spare change to good use to make a Paw Patrol money trail. Each class took it in turns to…

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16th May 2017

Year 5’s Flood report

As part of our topic on Extreme Earth, year 5 prepared news reports about Flooding. In teams, the children took on the role…

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15th May 2017

PE Enrichment Club

Selected children across KS2, are currently involved with an after school PE programme. The five week course will teach the pupils about the psychology, anatomy, health,…

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12th May 2017

It’s a Bug’s Life

A group of year 1 children took it upon themselves to create a ‘Bug Hotel’ so that the bugs had somewhere to sleep.

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11th May 2017

The Pink Aspiration Army Descend on Year 5

This week, year 5 pupils had a very exciting visit form Bournemouth University. Bournemouth University visited us to introduce the idea of university…

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10th May 2017

Beautiful Balances in Year 2

This term Year 2 have been working on our gymnastic skills in indoor PE lessons. We have been practising holding balances on different parts of…

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9th May 2017

Year 6 visit Tesco

This week Year 6 walked to our local Tesco store in Kinson to find out how a supermarket operates.  We saw where deliveries…

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3rd May 2017

Marvellous Maths!

Key Stage 1 Maths Club have been exploring number problems this term. They have been working collaboratively with other pupils to investigate and solve practical number problems.

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