School Blog: May 2018

25th May 2018


Over the last few weeks, the Year 6 children have been working really hard to write their very own children’s story book.  Their stories were…

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24th May 2018

Charity Day

Yesterday, the whole school took part in our charity day to raise money for each of the school’s eight houses chosen charities. The house…

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23rd May 2018

Games time

In Pre-School we are starting to play some games to help with our turn taking and waiting skills. We were really good at…

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21st May 2018

Star Wars Droid Day!

As part of the history project we have been creating as a school, Year 4 have been looking at the filmmaking of Star Wars, particularly…

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18th May 2018

A splash of colour!

Just in time for summer…. Reception have been very lucky to have some of their outside area painted. Over a period of weeks, Art…

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17th May 2018

Sir Simon came to visit!

Year 1 went on a Spring walk to Kinson Common to look for signs of spring. Whilst we were there we all noticed a big…

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16th May 2018

Supertato is captured!

The Reception children arrived back into their classrooms after playtime and discovered a crime scene, Supertato had been captured. There was a note! The note…

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15th May 2018

Year 5 Visit Safewise

Last week, Year 5 went on a fantastic mini-trip to the Safewise Centre. As the centre is quite close to the school we walked there…

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14th May 2018

Fraction Fun

A difficult area of mathematics has always been the understanding of fractions. This however, has not stopped Year 3 from tackling it head on.

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11th May 2018

Scrap store fun!

In Reception, we were fortunate enough to have visitors from the Dorset  Scrapstore to help us make moving toys. As part of the school history…

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10th May 2018

Vintage Art!

Year 6 have been designing their own art based on vintage TV programs from the past 50 years, as part of Kingsleigh’s 50 year anniversary…

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9th May 2018

Let’s go fly a kite

One windy Thursday afternoon the children were inspired to make kites. We used toilet rolls and kitchen rolls and decorated them.   We…

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