School Blog: September 2019

30th September 2019

Welcome to Pre-School

We have welcomed lots of new friends to Pre-School. It is has been a busy time learning new rules and routines and making new…

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27th September 2019

Year 3 PE

In Year 3, we have started two units of PE this term. We have begun expressing ourselves through movement to the music Mission Impossible. There…

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26th September 2019

Year 6 trip to Bournemouth Natural Science Museum

As arts week drew to a close, Year 6 had the chance to visit the Bournemouth Natural Science Museum. The owners kindly opened the museum…

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24th September 2019

Perfecting Place Value

This week in Year 5, we have revisited our understanding of place value. We have been looking at four digit numbers and exploring them using…

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23rd September 2019

E-Troopers Questionnaire

The e-troopers have been working hard to create a questionnaire to find out what the children in school are using to stay safe on-line.  Watch…

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23rd September 2019

Year 4’s Amazing Discovery

On Wednesday morning, Kingsleigh Primary School was the site of an amazing discovery! The Year 4 children were invited, by Mr Lumber, to become detectives and…

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20th September 2019

Celebrating our Values

The children have returned with a fresh energy and enthusiasm for learning. Within class, they have been recapping on the school values of aspiration, respect…

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18th September 2019

Maasai Art work

Year Three have been learning about tribes from around the word. We have enjoyed learning about the traditions and customs of four different tribes. Whilst…

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17th September 2019

Year One Learn About Belonging

Year One have been learning all about one of our school values Belonging. First we read the book Beegu by Alexis Decon. Which is about…

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16th September 2019

Year One Blast Off!

We have been getting creative for Arts Week this week by learning the technique of blending using watercolours. We took inspiration from the illustrations in…

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13th September 2019

Willow Weavers

As part of their art week work based on the book, The Lost Words, Year 6 were lucky enough to work with a willow artist. …

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12th September 2019

Carnival of the Animals Comes to Kingsleigh!

 What an incredible beginning we have had in Year 5! On the first day at school, our children were given clues as to their Arts Week topic.

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