School Blog: May 2022

26th May 2022

Fantastic Beasties

Year 2 have been looking at minibeasts for our art topic and have been exploring different ways to represent and draw them. We have used…

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25th May 2022

Year 2’s are crazy about colour!

Year 2 have flung themselves headfirst into our art project and we have to say we have lots of budding artists on our hands! The…

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24th May 2022

Colour Exploration!

Reception have been exploring colour using spices, plants, fruits and vegetables. They were very excited to see what colours could be made. The spices were…

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23rd May 2022

Year One’s Magic Spell Pots!

In Year One this week, we have explored a range of resources to make observational drawings and discussed why artists might use a range of…

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20th May 2022

Illustrator Inspiration

Year 3 have been working on an art project inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake. He illustrated most of Ronald Dahl’s books, as well as…

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18th May 2022

Evil Pea has escaped in Reception!

This week, Evil Pea escaped from the freezer! He was wreaking havoc in the Reception classrooms. There were green footprints everywhere! We came in from…

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17th May 2022

Year 3’s Amazing Art

Year 3 have jumped into our new topic full of enthusiasm and excitement. We are exploring the concept of ‘freedom’ within Art. We began the…

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16th May 2022

Folk Music

Year 5 were very excited to start their violin lessons last week (look out for future blogs on how we are getting on with learning…

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13th May 2022

Garden Library

In preschool we were lucky enough to raise money, through a sponsored alphabet hunt, to buy a library for our garden. The library has been…

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11th May 2022

Reception’s Creative Chaos

It has been a very busy 3 days  in Reception this week and we have still been teased by the cheeky Evil Pea. We started the…

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9th May 2022

A grand opening for Kingsleigh’s first Hedgehog House!

In Science we have been learning about the basic needs of animals, in particular the animals we have in the UK.  We have looked closely…

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5th May 2022

Fabulous Fractions!

Year 3 have enjoyed lots of practical Maths over the last two weeks. They have been exploring fractions of shapes, focusing initially on unit fractions.

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