A Cold Week But Year 5 Are On Fire!

This week, Year 5 were nearly frozen by the cold but their burning desire to learn kept us all warm! They have been busy looking at speech in English, finishing The BFG in reading and adding fractions in maths. We’ve seen some amazing pulleys systems in D&T and a plethora of Viking Long boats!


Here we some some superb examples of speech and fractions work from Luke and Dexter.





A phenomenal pulley system was made by utilising Lego, by Jamie.


Some astonishing Viking Long Boats – with every one making a real effort!







We were so intrigued as to how they had been made, one of the Year 5 children wrote us a set of instructions! Thank you, Dexter.


We’ve even seen some boxers, bakers and chefs in the making this week!



With this being a less than usual start to the new year, we think it worth noting just how well Year 5 have all done. They have all shown resilience, grit and determination. With so much change it would be easy to lets things fall by the wayside but Year 5 have kept their standards high an shown how fantastic they all are.

Lastly, from the whole of the Year 5 Team, we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy half term!