A creative week for Year 3!

This week, the children have completed some activities which really focus on their creativity and imagination. These tasks have allowed the children to be resilient and really think about what ideas might work and what ideas might not work.

The one creative challenge this week was to look and learn about a variety of different Ancient Roman musical instruments, and then the children made their own. We have had some wonderful ideas sent into us and some of the homemade instruments actually work and play a tune! Some children asked for adults help to cut and drill materials together to build their instruments. Here are a few examples:

A lyra – a simple harp

Pipes – each tube has a different pitch.

A Roman tuba – long, straight, bronze trumpet.

Another creative challenge the children completed was the Squiggle Drawing Challenge. The task was to, either with a partner or independently, draw a random squiggle on a page. Then, turn that squiggle into a picture using more lines and some colours. Sometimes, it is difficult to see a picture instantly, so turning around the paper was advised until an image came to you. Some children found it tricky if they didn’t see a picture straight away, but they were persistent until they found one! We had so many children send in their designs and they were all so creative too! Here are a few of the ones that we were sent in:

The year 3 teachers can’t wait to see what you all get up to next week! Stay safe :).