A Dreamy Week in Year 4

Year 4 have impressed us so much with their home learning and amazing attitudes this week. As teachers we have been taught new facts about the Egyptians daily and have loved seeing the beautiful Chinese Lanterns created for the Chinese New Year.


Year 4 have been delving into the world of dreams in English this week. They watched a video called the Dream Giver and have created their own version of the narrative. We have had dreams about tropical islands, circuses and hot air balloons. It has also been amazing to see the range of vocabulary that has been used! We are sure you can see the amazing imaginations we have in Year 4 below.

This week we also challenged the children to create an internet safety poster for internet safety day. It is so important to know the rules of the internet and the children did a brilliant job creating these. We have seen some fantastic ideas and posters this week.

Super work this week Year 4. We are all continuously proud of you and love seeing your work everyday.  Keep being fantastic and keep smiling!

The Year 4 Team.