A Fantastic Week for Year Two!

We are incredibly proud of our Year Two children for all their hard work.  They seem to be really getting into the swing of things this week and the teachers are really enjoying seeing all the work that has been sent in.

Mrs Power showed the children how to make a fact-file on giraffes.  The children wrote notes about giraffes and some even chose their own animal to write about.  Over the course of the week the children made special fact file booklets and we have been chuffed to bits with the beautiful work that has been created.

Daisy in 2SE did a great job and decided to type hers on her computer.

Olivia in 2SE made hers look really appealing in a comic style.  She has included some really interesting facts!

Brian has been working hard on his presentation and his handwriting is beautiful!

Elsie has written lots of beautiful sentences with well chosen adjectives.

Katie in 2PPSW has used great conjunctions to join sentences.

We have continued our exciting book, ‘Kitty and the Tiger Treasure.’ Mr Green has read this week and given us some great challenges to complete along the way.  We were introduced to a new strange dog in the text and the children have made some lovely predictions about who he or she might be!

Nick in 2JG thinks the dog is stealing the Tiger Treasure for a local bakery!  He thinks the dog will get paid with fresh food!

George in 2PPSW  thinks the dog is a burglar and will be sent to jail!

We were really excited to have moved onto division in Maths at the end of this week.  The children have learnt two strategies to solve division; sharing and grouping.  It is lovely to see our clever Year Twos solve some challenging problems using anything they can find at home to share or group!

Here we have Katie, Harley and Caeden sharing and grouping toys, coins and buttons!

Keep up the excellent work Year Two we are so proud of you!