A Frozen Situation

Last week in Reception, we found that some of our toy animals had been trapped in ice! We had to think of a way to rescue them. Luckily, the children were on hand with bright ideas!

First, we tried to melt the ice in the sun, but the sun was hiding behind the clouds that day.  Then we tried breaking the ice with tools. This was definitely the most fun but took a VERY long time!


Finally, we decided to put the ice into warm water and the toy animal was free at last. Hooray!


After successfully melting ice, we thought about other things that melted. We were given a challenge, what material would stop an ice cream melting. We tested wool, newspaper and foil. Which one do you think worked the best? Maybe you could try this at home and find out.


We also investigated what was the quickest way to melt chocolate, that didn’t include eating it! The children suggested lots of good ideas on how to melt the chocolate and discussed their predictions. We thought it would be similar to melting the ice so we tried sun, warm water and breaking the chocolate. Again the warm water won!


We had lots of fun exploring freezing and melting  and we hope the sun comes out soon so we can have a melted ice cream for real!