A message for our friends and family!

In preschool, we have been learning about how to send a message. We watched a video about a character called Emma who needed to tell her friends about her birthday party. It was too late to send invitations so we had to think about other ways to send a message. Emma had a special box and in it she found a mobile phone. In preschool, we had to think how a mobile phone could be used to send a message. We said ‘ring’ ‘what’s app’ ‘talk’. Emma rang her friend! Then she held up a tablet. She used FaceTime to send a message on the tablet. Finally, Emma had a laptop and sent an email. In preschool we sent an email to Mr Lumber, and he sent one back! Emma was very happy she was able to communicate using different devices. Her friends came to her party and she was very happy! To show how she felt we made our own smiley faces!

Being able to use devices to communicate with friends and family makes us all feel happy!