A Roarsome Experience!

At the end of our, ‘Dino Discovery’ topic Year 2 created a museum of our topic work to show our friends and families what we had been learning. We displayed our information leaflets about various dinosaurs, sketches of dinosaur fossils, clay dinosaur models and shoebox ‘dinosaur worlds’, as well as our super home learning projects.

We were so inspired and excited by our learning about dinosaurs and our enthusiasm was clear to everyone that we guided around our museum. Visitors to our museum were impressed with our factual knowledge, beautiful sketches and a slideshow of us measuring the actual size of dinosaurs in Maths.

We enjoyed sharing our knowledge about dinosaur fossils and how they are formed, which we had been learning about in our Science lessons.

What a ‘roarsome’ experience Year 2 had sharing our learning about dinosaurs. Thank you to everyone who came to visit our museum.