A taste of Italy….

At the end of last term, Year 6 held their annual Italian  cafe. The children had spent the half term researching healthy Italian recipes, looking at existing pasta sauce and pizza recipes and adding their own twist to these designs. After some careful thought, we decided on our chosen pizza and pasta sauce recipes to use in the main event! Some of the children, who had excelled on Times Table Rockstars, were given the opportunity to go to Tesco to source the materials, and have a Costa for their efforts!

The children spent Thursday and Friday morning preparing the ingredients; from rolling out pizza bases to chopping and crushing vegetables for the sauce. Catering for over one hundred people is hard work! Whilst this was going on, some of the children designed the menus for the cafe, attempting to capture an authentic Italian atmosphere.

During the Italian cafe, parents and carers had been invited in to sample our delicious food, with the children either serving their parents and carers, or helping out behind the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, serving the portions of food and pouring drinks. We were lucky enough to welcome some members of a local nursing home to the event  and some of the children were given the responsibility of looking after our guests. They were wonderful in this role, and several children in particular really stood out for their maturity and kindness shown to others. Needless to say, our guests were delighted, and the children made an excellent impression on them! What a way to show our value of belonging with such a great community outcome!

This is always a highlight of our year, as for a couple of brief hours the hall is transformed with relaxing chatter, ambient music and good food! A wonderful way to finish a busy term. Special thanks has to go to the kitchen staff, many of whom decided to stay on after their working hours to help cook and prepare the food with the children – without their help, none of this would be possible, so please say thank you to them if you see them on your travels. Excellent job Year 6!