AFCB Tournament

Last Friday morning, the Year 5 /6 girls football team played in the AFCB Football Tournament at Littledown.  It was a cold and miserable morning, however the girls did not let this affect their lively mood; they were super excited to play.

Our first game was against Mannerside School. The girls went out straight away showing confidence and determination.   They attacked fantastically!  Olivia  (in year 6 ) scored our first goal within  minutes!  Alisha then went on to score a hat trick! They played well and the girls secured their first victory , winning 4-0.

Well done to Kayla, who came on at half-time and passed the ball well, enabling the girls to maintain possession most of the time!


In high spirits, the girls faced their second game against Pokesdown. The girls worked as a team and defended well.  Leona and Lexi worked extremely well together in defence .  The final score was 2-0 to Kingsleigh.

Our last game was against Hillbourne School.  Unfortunately, within the first few minutes, the other team scored the first goal. However, our girls did not let their heads go down for a second! They carried on attacking well, but didn’t manage to score a goal. We were really proud of the girls as this was a very good team.

Both Katlyn and Rebecca saved many goals throughout the afternoon – only letting two goals in!

Even though,  Olivia ( from  year 5 )  did not get a goal, she set up many goals and didn’t stop running around, chasing the ball down for her team.

The team ended up second in the their league, just missing out on a spot in the semi-final ! We are so proud of the strong team they are becoming. They show such great sportsmanship  and were in high spirits on the journey home which was lovely to see! We are looking forward to their first league match against Elm Academy next Thursday – good luck girls.


Thank you to all the parents, who were able to come and support us during the morning, it was greatly appreciated by the team and the staff.