This week the Year 6s wowed audiences over three separate performances of their end of term production, Aladdin!  This marked the end of a lot of hard work from all of the children and staff in the year group and we could not feel more proud of them.

Auditions started before half term when the children had to show real bravery standing in front of the rest of the year group and performing lines and songs they had prepared.  Even at this early stage, we were so impressed with the courage the children showed in having a go and the support the rest of the year group demonstrated in encouraging people to try their best.  We have always known that this is a year group who model the values of Astro Aspiration and Rizzy Respect and this was yet another way that they showed it.

From then on, rehearsals started with full gusto.  The actors and actresses had lots of lines to learn.  Children choreographed and perfected their own dances; complete with ribbons and scarfs and musical instruments were mastered to help with the  effects on stage.

The scenery changes were a really important part of the show and the team of stage hands we had were exceptional in their role as well.

This week has made all the hard work worth it.  As staff we were literally bursting with pride as we listened to solo singers, comedian lines and watched a chorus of children give it their all!  Year 6 you were amazing.