All Aboard the Reading Bus

The final half term of the year started with a strange arrival at Kingsleigh Primary School.  A BUS!

Children returned to school after a half term rest to spot a double-decker bus had arrived on the school playground driven by Rizzy Respect!  The mystery of Rizzy’s location was on everyone’s mind as he disappeared at the end of last half term. It seems he was on a mission with a difference.

The children spotted an envelope attached to the window, addressed to our school.  Mr Gower stepped on board to discover the message and shared it with the school.

Dear Kingsleigh,

Astro has asked me to deliver this bus to your school.

It is up to you to create a fantastic space for learning to blossom.

Lots of love,


The children have been on the bus with their teachers to think of ideas for to use it for.

After some fantastic ideas, the children have settled on the idea of a reading bus.  The bus will be designed to have teaching zones as well as comfortable places to sit and read.

The renovation of the bus will begin next week and will hopefully be ready for use in September.

A special thank you to Specialist Lettings Agency that have contributed a significant amount of money towards the bus.  Also, a huge thank you to the PTA and other family members of our school who have already offered their services to completing the restoration of the bus.

If you have any specific skill or are able to help with the project please contact the school or Mr Maguire.