Amazing Addition in Year 5

This term, we are looking at addition. First,we revised both methods, using the mental methods we had learnt and thought about when different methods might be appropriate.

We used a mixture of resources to recap what we knew, including Cuisenaire and counters. Our main focus was on consolidating previous methods, such as: rounding and adjusting, bridging and using our number bonds. We revised what the symbols means and spent time looking at bar models to really understand the relationships between numbers in addition and subtraction. This helped us to be able to complete families of four.

Then, we spent time exploring how to solve calculations which involved an exchange. We discussed base ten equivalents and using images and resources, we created and solved calculations, which involved one exchange.

Later in the week, we explored how we could accomplish more than one exchange and addressed our misconceptions! Our teachers were very pleased with how we were able to spot common mistakes and offer suggestions to improve!

After that, we consolidated our understanding of what it means to exchange, as a class and created an exemplar sheet to help us in the future.