Amazing Algebra

This week the children have been learning algebra in Year 6. This is traditionally something children are intimidated by, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience for those not confident in Maths.

To help with this, we had a practical lesson using cups and multi links to help children understand the topic better. After explaining the key concept of algebra to the children, we explained how we were going to balance algebraic equations carefully, using the resources.

In small groups, one child set up the board, deciding how many multi links should be on each side of the equal sign. They then placed cups over an equal number of cubes, ensuring different number of cups were on either side. The rest of the group then needed to find the value of one cup (or 1 C) by simplifying the equation, removing an equal number of cups and links from both sides.

Eventually, they would be left with the value of C. It is the first step, but hopefully this lesson has helped the children to feel more confident when tackling algebra problems in the further. Well done Year 6!