Amazing Animals!

This week in Reception we have been hard at work learning about non-fiction texts and writing our own! Our focus was on animals. We started by learning what non-fiction books were and their features, before writing our contents page.

Then we began to research our chosen animals and write 1-2 facts on a page with a picture of the animal. Just look how hard the children have been working to create these books!

But that’s not all we have been doing in Reception. They have been exploring length, height and measurements too. We built towers based on a number rolled on a dice and also made snakes of different lengths using playdough and measured them using non-standard units.

The children have also had lots of fun building their own 6, 7 and 8 Numberblocks.

It was Internet Safety Day on the Tuesday, so the children watched a Detective Digiduck story before making a junk model of an electronic device. Look at the children’s creations!

Of course our phonics learning has continued this week, doing amazing writing and reading.


To finish our week, and the half term, on a high, the children learnt about the history of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Some even cleaned their bedrooms in preparation and created some beautiful decorations!


We are so proud of all of you! Your learning is getting better and better and we can’t wait for the next week’s of learning.