Amazing Year 5 Home Learning

Year 5 have had a really positive first week back to home learning. Well done everyone!

We have enjoyed hearing about all their adventures in learning over the past few days and it has been lovely to hear some of their Easter news as well. Not only have the children been completing challenges from staff, but they have also been enjoying the wonderful sunny days we’ve had and lots of them have been fantastic helpers at home too. It’s great to see lots of the children enjoying this unique time with brothers and sisters and grown ups at home.

Harry’s walk in his local area

We’ve had lots of mouth-watering pictures sent through of baking and cooking achievements!

Charlie’s cheesecake – future Bake Off champion?

Lots of the children have been busy writing and working on their times tables. 

We’ve also had some brilliant book reviews to read. 

Keep up the great work Year 5! We love to hear from you!