An Anglo-Saxon adventure!

Earlier in the term, year 4 went on an exciting trip to Scaplens Court to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons. When we arrived, we were shown how an Anglo-Saxon would live, the clothes they would wear and we were also shown the materials they had to work with. Some lucky volunteers were even given the chance to dress up as an Anglo-Saxon Thane… The fashion choices weren’t to everyone’s taste!

IMG_1697            IMG_1954

We were then shown how an Anglo-Saxon army would have been equipped and the children had the chance to handle artefacts as well as line up as an Anglo-Saxon army. The children all agreed that using a slingshot and moving as a unified army was a lot harder than it looked!

IMG_1725  IMG_1709 IMG_1715

Afterwards, we went out into the courtyard to learn about Anglo-Saxon religion, and the gods they would have worshipped.  We were then split into smaller groups to try our hand at some Anglo-Saxon handicrafts! We attempted some sewing on a small piece of cloth, before progressing onto the tapestry. Some of the boys surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed it! We also had the opportunity to bake some bread, with very mixed results….

IMG_1736 IMG_1750 IMG_2013

One of the highlights was making ink from raw materials and then using a quill to write our name in fancy lettering. The children picked this up really quickly and made some lovely designs. Finally, we were shown how Anglo-Saxons would have made candles. We were lucky enough to use real melted wax instead of animal fat, and the children were shown how long it takes to continuously dip the candle and then leave it to dry. We took some of the candles home to keep in school as a reminder of our day.

IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1808 IMG_2032

The children really enjoyed the day, and Scaplens Court were excellent and informative hosts. The trip has really helped us with our Anglo-Saxon topic. Well done year 4!