A historical investigation….

The Year 6 children have been conducting a historical investigation, as part of our Arabian Nights topic. After a quick lesson studying historic timelines, and looking at key events in the past, we decided to introduce our main point of study in a slightly different way.

We presented the children with a range of historical photos and images. In groups, they then had to study the photos in more detail and new pictures were given to them throughout the investigation as the children tried to find a common link between them.

They were tasked with the following points to consider:

– What do we think we know/ don’t know?

– What clues do we have in the pictures?

– What would we like to find out?

The children annotated their images and composed a list of questions. By the end of the lesson, they had figured out we were studying the life of Lawrence of Arabia, with further details and insights into his life to be revealed in our upcoming lessons. We will use their questions to shape our future lessons, and we hope the children will really enjoy looking into this aspect of British history.