An icy problem.

We had an icy problem to solve in Pre-School today. There was a huge block of ice with some animals trapped inside. At first we weren’t sure how we could help the animals and set them free.

At first, we thought we could hit the ice to free the animals but the ice was too hard. As we were passing the ice block around we noticed something was happening to the ice. There was water in the tuff tray and the ice block was getting smaller. Mrs Spencer Frost explained the ice was melting!

Mrs Spencer Frost then suggested we poured warm water on the ice.

It was working, the ice was melting even more! We carried on passing the block around because the warmth of our hands were helping to melt the ice too.

After a while the animals were becoming more visible and we could use our fingers to wiggle the animals out. The first animal set free was the penguin. We were very pleased we could help the animals. It was fun (and very cold) learning about how ice melts.