Are You Looking For a Good Way to be Bad?

Year 5 have been embracing the dark side and learning a new villainous text map. We needed to think about how we could persuade a villain to become a hero and for that we needed to start with a super new text map!

After learning the text map, we thought about all the features that might persuade a reader. We found that emotive language, superlatives, boastful language, slogans, great reasons and a celebrity endorsement are all great tools to help persuade someone. We really enjoyed trying to persuade our friends using these features, however we didn’t suceeed in persuading the teachers to shave their eyebrows off! We also knew that persuasion was a perfect text type to use an If,if,if, then sentence. These sentences really make the reader think.


After perfecting our persuasion skills, we had the opportunity to write our own persuasive piece. We had to persuade a villain to turn to the good side. We mindmapped lots of reasons such as getting a super sidekick, being loved by the public and of course being able to ditch the boring, black villain wardrobe!


If you would like to be persuaded, please pop in to see Year 5. However, be warned,  we are experts of persuasion and you never know what we might persuade you to do.