Art in year 5

In Art this term, Year 5 have been focusing on creating food in different forms! Our first task was to sketch a fruit bowl, using different sketching techniques that we had practised. The children then painted the fruit bowl, using watercolours.


Our next task was to create Modroc food items for a party! Each table was assigned a different platter, for example a cheese board or an afternoon tea platter, and each child made a food item out of Modroc. For most children this was their first time using Modroc, although a few noticed it had a similar texture to hospital casts! The children used newspaper to create the bottom layer of their food item. Once this was securely stuck down, they could wet and apply the Modroc. The Modroc was dry and hardened in about 10 minutes! Then it was time to paint – have a look at the pictures below for the process and then the final results!