Art Skills in Year 5

As part of our new topic, Earth and Beyond, Year 5 will be looking at perspective art.

After a quick warm-up on our doodle page, we looked carefully at our own sky and discussed how light, dark and colour are shown; what creates them and how this changes over time. We decided that watercolour would produce the most natural effect, so knew it was time to brush up our skills!

First, we looked at two words which would be important to us in discussing how we would paint: tone and hue. We explored the effect of watercolour paint and realised how we could make the colours lighter and darker, linking this with what would create the lightness and darkness in the natural sky.

We then discussed the role of colour and revised our understanding of primary and secondary colours by creating a colour wheel. For many of us, creating the perfect green or orange was an all-consuming task! Eventually we were successful (having reached a balance between our primary colours at last).

Next, we will begin to look at perspective art and how this has been used in some of our favourite films. Then we’ll have a go at creating our own perspective pieces through photography. Watch this space!