At full capacity!

In preschool, we have been enjoying playing with the water in this lovely warm weather. We have explored using different containers to pour water into and to tip the water out. The adults in preschool have been modelling the language ‘full’ and ‘empty’ as the children play. The children are also using mathematical language of their own as they play:

“Is that enough?” “No, put more in” “That’s enough, it’s full”.

It is not just during water play the children can explore capacity. Our sandpit and gravel kitchen also have lots of opportunities to fill containers and empty them too.

As the children play they are solving mathematical problems using spatial awareness, estimation, counting and lots of mathematical language.  The children are finding out how many containers it takes to fill a bigger container, which container holds the most and which one holds the least. All of this whilst playing, brilliant! Capacity is easy to do at home too, especially at bath time! Find lots of different containers and watch as the problem solving begins!