Awesome learning with Lawrence!

In History lessons, Year 6 have been exploring the very interesting life of Lawrence of Arabia (Thomas Edward Lawrence). The children started by learning about who he was, where he spent much of his time in the First World War and how he contributed towards the war efforts. Here are some examples of the wonderful maps that the children created showing where he worked in WW1. 

The children then went on to explore what life would have been like in the desert including conditions that Lawrence of Arabia would have lived in and emotions he may have experienced whilst there. They then compared his life back home to his life in the desert. We were excited to discover that he lived here in Dorset after his time abroad! Here are some lovely examples of work comparing the differing lifestyles of Lawrence of Arabia in the desert and back home in Dorset. 

We’re looking forward to looking at Lawrence of Arabia in more detail over the next few weeks and will be sure to share our learning!